“Looking for a place to have your wedding reception in Williamport? Look no further. Standalone dinner is good too!”

Reviewed January 6, 2015

Planning a December wedding, my fiancée and I planned on looking at a lot of different places in Wiliamsport. Once we stepped into the Herdic House, we knew our search was over. The house itself is beautiful and since our wedding occurred during the Christmas season it was gorgeously decorated with a big tree in the front of the dining room plus elaborate wreaths around the fireplaces and other very tasteful decorations scattered around.
Planning the reception was made very easy thanks to Liz and Gloria, a mother-daughter owner team who helped with food and drink recommendations, guidance for things such as dance floor and photographers, seating layout, making the cake and several other aspects of wedding planning.

**HERE’S THE FOOD PART** As far as the food goes, (this is a restaurant review after all) it was phenomenal. We had just about every guest at the wedding tell us how much they enjoyed both the food and specialty drinks from the Herdic House. Our choices were Filet Mignon, Chicken in a Champagne Cream Sauce, and Pan-Seared Salmon, but there were compliments on all three meals, some saying it was the best food they ever had at a wedding. Everything seemed to be perfectly cooked and the personalized homemade Peppermint frosting cake was a hit even with people who aren’t a huge fan of peppermint.

The only negative for hosting your wedding reception there was the size. We fit about 85 people comfortably on the first floor of the restaurant (even with the big beautifully decorated Christmas tree up front taking away a spot for another table.) Without the tree, the first floor would probably fit up to 95 people or so maximum. And in warmer weather, the back patio would be a great spot for even more people to be comfortable. Plus, if you don’t mind having guests on a separate floor they could fit about 40 or so more on the second floor. Another small negative is that not all of our guests were able to see the dance floor from their seats, but that just meant they had to get up and dance! Plus, the small homey feel of the place lead to a very intimate and personal atmosphere that worked very well for our wedding, especially compared to some huge empty character-less halls that are offered at other establishments.

I know everything I described seems awfully pricey, but in comparison to some of the other $100-per-plate places, the Herdic House is anything but pricey! The affordable prices we paid at the Herdic House actually helped us come in under budget, which is a very pleasant surprise for such a great place. (Not to mention, the help of the owners negated the need for us to hire a wedding planner.)

Overall, the reason I am writing this review is to let everyone know that this is a great venue to have a wedding or really any other kind of party in, especially around Christmas time. The food was fantastic, the owners went above and beyond for our needs and the atmosphere was absolutely perfect.

Bonus Tip: Look to book the Peter Herdic Inn next door, which is owned by the same people, for some of your guests, (we had the whole bridal party stay there) you won’t regret it.